Extending Safety to the home.
Accidents are the number one cause of death of children in the United States. There are many ways to prepare for and prevent accidents.

Smoke detectors: Smoke detectors are a very cost effective way of avoiding tragic deaths. One should be installed on all levels of the home, but we recommend one in every room. One should be placed in the kitchen and garage.

DFPE doesn't service residential extinguishers, however it does recommend that a home have at least one ABC dry chemical unit handy in the kitchen, and perhaps in the garage.
Ask your dealer for more details.
A fire exit plan is vital in insuring your family's safety. Most schools now, during Fire Prevention Week in October of each year, teach children the value and importance of EDITH, anacronym for EXIT DRILLS IN THE HOME. Allow children to help you plan an escape route and a meeting place outside the home, then practice it two or three times per year; Such practices have been shown to save lives.

Help to prevent scalding with these hot water tap attachments.
First Alert« new features in smoke detectors do your smoke detectors need replacing?
Information on fire sprinker systems.
Michigan child safety council.
Extinguishers: Commercial and industrial fire extinguishers.
For a more comprehensive discussion regarding children and safety, visit Kids safetyzone.

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