Dominion Fire Protection Equipment is dedicated solely to providing services for large retail chains. As such, it is very sensitive to issues affecting chains, like, remote locations, travel charges, and consistency of services provided.
Dominion Fire NEVER charges travel costs. It costs the same to service a store in Princeton, West Virginia or Valdosta, Georgia, as it does to service one in Cleveland or Detroit. Dominion Fire also applies the same rigid standards which apply in its toughest locations to every other location serviced. Stores in states which do not rigidly enforce fire codes are serviced to the same standards as are in effect in places such as New York City, Tennessee or Ohio.

DFPE Company is a full service fire protection contractor, providing service for your portable fire extinguishers, electronic fire alarm systems and automatic sprinkler systems.


All services provided are done so in accordance with National Fire Protection Association NFPA Standards, most current revision. Additionally, Dominion Fire conducts a store fire & safety inspection (on a no-cost basis) detailing hazards found within the store. Dominion Fire employs individuals with Class I and Class II Fire- fighter certification who are uniquely qualified to conduct such inspections.

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